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The Nautilus

The Nautilus is a submerine created in Jules Verne's novel, "20,000 "Leagues Under the Sea". It is also a submarine in Blue Water, but is entirely unrelated up to that with it's original counterpart.


The Nautilus was built shortly after the collapse of the Tartessan kingdom in 1876 (13 years before the series takes place) by the small group of survivors from the Tower of Babel's self destruction. It is renovated from one of the spaceships that were located in the super spaceships used by the people of Atlantis 2 million years prior. 

In the SeriesEdit

The Nautilus first appears in episode 4, but is not used heavily until episode 9. Jean is in awe of the ship and it's state of the art engine. However, he soon learns that science can be deadly, with the death of the crew member Ensign Fait, whom Jean was close friends with, in episode 15. The Nautilus has its final battle with Neo-Atlantis, when the latter reveals it's new weapon, the sea-net beam gun, which tears the Nautilus apart, destroying it "bit by bit" (Sanson, Episode 22). The ship is so devestated, that the crew seperates the combat block and allows it to detonate and destroy the Gar-Fish fleet. Captain Nemo escorts Nadia, Jean, Marie, and King to his quarters to jettison off the Nautilus. However, Electra confronts him at the bridge, revealing to Nadia that Nemo is her Father, the king of Tartessos, and that he destroyed Tartessos 13 years before. Nemo finally convinces Electra to stop, and stops her from taking her own life after Nemo delievers an emotional speech to her. Nemo seperates his quarters from the ship, telling Nadia, "Live Nadia! Live!" (Captain Nemo, Episode 22).

New NautilusEdit