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The Queen of Tartessos is a minor character in Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.

Personality Edit

While there is little to nothing known about her, the Queen is shown to be a caring, kind person, and likely a powerful matriarch. She cares deeply for her daughter, protecting her every step of the way.

Appearance Edit

The Queen is a young woman with brown skin, green eyes, and braided, back-length hair. She wears a selection of jewelry including armbands, a metal choker, the Blue Water, and golden hoop earrings similar to those of her children. She has a marking on her forehead similar to a bindi.

Her style of dress is reminiscent of Ancient Egyptian/Mediterranean fashion. Her gown is calf-length and its collar is decorated.

History Edit

Her story is unknown before her eventual assassination. The Neo Atlanteans overthrew her in a coup and thus put the kingdom into chaos and mourning. However, her soul was safe inside the Blue Water alongside the others who perished in the city's ultimate destruction and she remained with Nadia during the series.

After Jean's death, Nadia prayed to the Blue Water to resurrect him. She was actually speaking to her mother who heard her prayers and, in a final act of love for her daughter, sacrificed her and Tartessos' souls to bring him to life once more.