Super Robot Wars X is a video game in the long-running Super Robot Wars franchise. This game is the first game to include Nadia as one of its series even though it has no robots in it. The first game to include a series with no robots is Super Robot Wars V with its inclusion of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 as one of its series.



Series Connections Edit

  • Nadia and the others first show up in Scenario 3: Blue Water Girl. It starts when Marie and King ask the others at their camp for help. A misunderstanding happens between Sason, Hanson, Wataru and Shibaraku, but Marie puts a stop to it. It seems Nadia is still in denial over the defeat of the Nautilus to the Neo-Atlantian forces. Schwarvenegger shows up with his Burikinton minions to attack the group, but the group deploys their mecha to combat them. Even the Gratan is there as well. After beating Schwarvenegger, Neo-Atlantian forces and Cruising Tom join in the fun as well. They are beaten despite the terrible odds.
    • After the Scenario, Hopes invites Sanson, Hanson, & Grandis into his personal study. Hanson is fascinated at how Hopes is a magical familiar and even quotes the familiar "Any sufficiently advanced technology is magic" statement. Since the trio are joining X-Cross, Hopes congratulates them for giving him excellent research in tank battles by giving X-Cross 100 TAC points.